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If comedies interest you, then you may want to check out one of the London theatres called the Garrick. Comedies and comedy dramas have mostly been shown at this theatre. The Garrick theatre is named after 18th-century actor and manager David Garrick. The inside of this theatre resembles a Renaissance palace and was restored in 1986. Many of the original features are the same. It’s now a receiving house, which means it receives touring theatres instead of producing its own repertoire. Recent productions include Absurd Person Singular in 2007 and Peter Pan-El Musical in 2008. An action and adventure packed musical Zorro will be shown here from October 1, 2008 to September 12, 2009.

The Prince Edward theatre is one of the London theatres that started out having musical shows and films. The theatre was named after the Prince of Wales, but in 1930 it was turned into a casino, and the name was changed to the Queensbury All Service Club. The theatre changed back to its original name in 1978. That was the year that the musical Evita started playing there. A variety of musicals have been shown at this theatre since then, such as Anything Goes, Chess, and Some Like It Hot. If you like the singing group the Four Seasons, then you’ll probably enjoy watching the Jersey Boys musical which will be shown at the Prince Edward theatre, February 28, 2008 to April 25, 2009.

There is something for almost everyone at the Bloomsburg theatre in London. Comedy, drama, music, and dance are only some of the performances on the programme. You can even enjoy small-scale opera here. There are 550 comfortable seats in this spacious theatre where you’ll have a clear view of the performances. Many of the country’s best comedy talent have performed here such as Jeremy Hardy, Mel & Sue, Jo Brand, and Lily Savage. The Zombies, Ray Davies, and Paul Simon are a few of the music events that have been held at this theatre. Some events coming up in 2008 are Horrible Histories, Victor Spinetti, Dennis Locorriere -The True Voice of Doctor Hook and Elizabeth and Raleigh: Late but Live.

The Lyceum theatre is also one of the London theatres. There is enough room in this theatre for 2000 people. The building was totally restored in 1996. Many modern musicals have performed in this theatre. The Lion King musical has been performing here since 1999. Some events coming up are Keith Jacks Album Launch Concert and Julie Walters in Conversation. Season tickets are available which give you the best seats for all six shows in the season and special discounts at the Lyceum theatre and other places. You can also change dates later if you want.

Another one of London theatres is the Phoenix theatre. This theatre is plain on the outside, but the art deco on the inside is outstanding. There are carpets and curtains, decorated ceilings, red seats, and wooden, sculpted doors. This theatre has had many successful plays. There were also many musicals in the 1980s and 90s. The Phoenix theatre ensemble commits to the principles of an artist directed theatre. They give their support to artists and art first. The musical Blood Brothers is now at the Phoenix and is the longest running show they ever had. It’s said to be the greatest musical of the decade.